Have you suffered from a cervical spine injury in Manchester? Accident Advice Helpline can help

If you have suffered a cervical spine injury in Manchester, it’s essential you get specialist help when seeking to make a claim for compensation against the party that caused your accident. The after-effects of this type of injury can be relatively minor, but in worst cases, can lead to permanent paralysis. This in turn can have a distressing and long term effect on you and your family’s lives. You want to be sure that the legal firm you choose to bring your claim for a cervical spine injury in Manchester:

  • Has the right experience to put forward a convincing case as to why another party was responsible for your accident; and
  • Has access to the relevant expertise in assessing the effects of your injury, both now and in the longer term, to ensure that you receive an adequate payment to make your life as comfortable and financially secure as possible for as long as is necessary.

You may have suffered a cervical spine injury in Manchester in one of any variety of scenarios, for example:

  • A road traffic accident;
  • A slip, trip or fall;
  • An accident on holiday;
  • From a sporting accident; or
  • Due to an accident at work.

Accident Advice Helpline has direct experience of success in claiming on behalf of accident victims in all these cases and more. We employ only specialist lawyers with experience in personal injury law. And as one of the largest legal firms in the UK, we operate nationally to ensure that if you need a lawyer for a cervical spine injury in Manchester, we can select the best representation possible for you, rather than one who just happens to be in your locality.

Contact us today for expert guidance

When you get in touch with us, we’ll carry out a quick assessment of the information you give us about your accident to give you an idea of how likely your case is to succeed.

We’ll also estimate the amount you could receive for your injuries. Of course, this is just a guideline. The lawyer we appoint for you will conduct a full assessment of your ultimate claim amount, including seeking an additional medical opinion if we believe it will help your case. And you could receive a sum of money that will:

  • Compensate for your injuries;
  • Repay costs resulting from your accident such as prescription charges, medical treatment and transport costs;
  • Help provide for your future in terms of any nursing care, rehabilitation, adjustments round the home etc; and
  • Compensate for loss of earnings, bonuses and future earning potential if your ability to work is affected in the longer term.

Don’t leave things to chance – see expert help from the outset with Accident Advice Helpline.

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