What records you should keep for your accident solicitor in Derbyshire Dales

If you are seeking compensation via an accident solicitor in Derbyshire Dales then there are certain records you should keep to help ensure you get the maximum amount of compensation due to you.

Firstly, the most important records are medical ones.

Once you have been injured in an accident it makes sense that you will seek medical attention. It may be that an ambulance must be called to the scene to attend to your injuries, or you may take yourself to the local A&E. You may feel that, while you are injured you do not need medical attention immediately, and therefore decide to see your GP the following day or at the next available appointment.

These are all fine options, and the records that these medical professionals put down on your medical history will help with your claim. They will provide evidence that you were not only injured at the time you said you were and in the way you said you were, but they will outline the treatment given.

However, you should also keep your own records. Each day make a note of the degree of pain you are suffering. As you recover these amounts may vary – one day may be significantly more painful than another.

You should also keep a record of the way that your injuries are impacting you. You may find that because you are experiencing significant pain on one day you are unable to take your children to school. Perhaps you have to call on a neighbour to help you. All these things are relevant to your claim, but are the sorts of things that you will forget if asked about them six months down the line.

Another form of record that you should keep involves receipts. If you have to pay out for medical treatment, the cost of travel or even the hiring of equipment as a result of your injuries and accident then your accident solicitor in Derbyshire Dales needs to know. It may be that they are able to help you reclaim this money back as part of your compensation award; however, this can only be done with accurate records and, where appropriate, receipts.

It is best to keep them from the start, rather than trying to remember them and find them months down the line when they are needed.

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